‘We Can Cross It’ says NCU Freshmen
Published: Tuesday, August 28, 2018 3:07:20 PM

“We all can cross it!” echoed the energetic freshmen of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) at the prompting of the day’s master of ceremonies, Mical Forsythe. Forsythe, who is the host of ‘The Drive’ on NCU FM, encouraged and inspired the freshman class on their second day of orientation. He recounted with detail his journey to discovering his true calling.

As one of three boys, Mical Forsythe originally wanted to become a pastor. However, he later discovered that he had a calling for media as he came into contact with various big players in the field of media. All three boys are alumni of NCU.

The day featured a live streamed greeting and charge from Lancelot Riley, the leader of the NCU team which triumphed over thousands of competitors in May at the International Business Model Competition held in Utah. Brief presentations followed from the various student clubs on the campus, topped off by a special musical dramatic piece by the leaders of the United Student Movement, the student government at NCU, in collaboration with Georgette Baker, the Director of Recruitment and Admissions.

Parents and guardians also actively supported their children in anticipation of ‘weaning’ them. In groups of four, with students, administrators, parents and guardians, the interactions led to new friendships. One proud parent, after introducing two of her children, revealed that one was a freshman while the other was a final year student. She believes in Seventh-day Adventist Christian education.

While the students were separated into colleges for further information and registration, the parents and guardians received an opportunity to interface with the administrators of NCU. All uncertainties were cleared up, properly positioning the students for the four-year journey ahead standing with their fellow freshmen.

The final activity of the day was a social event where students threw on their athletic gears for some fun and games. NCU believes that the development of the social skills of its students is vital for existing in this diverse world. This aspect of the orientation was strategically designed to develop a bond among the students to become more familiar and comfortable with the individuals who were to be their companions for the remainder of their experience at NCU.

The day ended with the students feeling excited and ready to take on the journey ahead.The new students declared NCU to be the school of choice and described as “fantastic” and “exciting” their experience so far at the “Beacon on the Hill”.

Northern Caribbean University celebrates its 112th year in existence in 2019. These students will be in for a great experience as the year will be filled with many activities to commemorate this milestone.
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