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The New ‘Noble Knights’
Published: Thursday, October 1, 2009 6:43:13 PM

Inspiring, brotherhood, upliftment, new heights - just some of the words used by newly appointed Dean of Men at Northern Caribbean University (NCU), Sefton Brown, to describe NCU’s male dormitory, Cedar Hall. In a recent interview,   Dean Brown said his primary goal is to provide an exceptional living facility with world class service: a place where “everyone would want to live because of the camaraderie and brotherhood.”

Cedar hall picture.jpg

Cedar Hall


NCU Male ambassador and Resident Advisor, Joel Jumpp, highlighted some of the infrastructural improvements to the dormitory, such as new windows and the installation of a hot-water system. He also spoke of a “new strategy” for Cedar Hall which he says has and will continue to give its residents “a renewed sense of vision and feeling that the institution wants them to be here.” Like Dean Brown, his dream is for Cedar Hall to be “a place of brotherhood... where residents walk and talk in dignity.”


 USM President Kirkwood Parkinson

There is an on campus buzz about the encouraging and uplifting changes observed in Cedar Hall. United Student Movement (USM) president and resident of Cedar Hall, Kirkwood Parkinson, expressed delight in the new look of the Hall and the vision of the new dean and his team. “I am delighted and comfortable to reside at the most tranquil and salubrious living environment available to males in Mandeville; the gentlemen who reside at Cedar Hall, are truly Noble Knights,” Parkinson concluded.


Activities we can expect from Cedar Hall in the future include: the formation of a men’s chorale, incentives for residents, a ‘meet the dean’ mentorship program, and increased on-campus involvement. These and other activities are geared at increasing the glory of Cedar Hall. These activities will also hone our residents’ intelligence, communication skills so making them more complete men equipped with the tools to change the world. Welcome to the renewed ‘Home of the Noble Knights’.

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