Girls in ICT Caribbean Hackathon
Published: Friday, May 4, 2018 10:18:54 AM

Girls in ICT Caribbean Hackathon 

Northern Caribbean University (NCU) once again copped the top prizes at the Girls in ICT Caribbean HackathonA team of five innovative and passionate young ladies, represented the Department of Computer & Information Sciences, under the theme, “Safe Girls, Safe Future” at this year's Hackathon competition. 

The team addressed the sub-theme of cybersafe. Our brilliant young ladies were able to develop a mobile application within eight (8) hours of coding, which was code-named: “BlockIt”. This application allows individuals who believe they are being cyber stalked or cyber bullied to block the perpetrator's known social media accounts with a simple click. The mobile application utilizes voice recognition along with a minimal user interface to access varying features. Users are given the option to escalate a situation and report the culprit to the local authorities and are provided with helpful information and links to encourage responsible social media use. The voice recognition component was to facilitate those who are disabled.

The team competed against other tertiary level institutions such as: University of West Indies Mona, University of Technology, Excelsior Community College, and University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, among others. The ladies outshone the competitors and were rewarded with Google Mini Home devices, $50,000 from Scotiabank, $250,000 from NCB, US $500 from the Jamaica Silicone Valley Diaspora, and $75,000 from the Development Bank of Jamaica.

These young ladies did an incredible job, especially with the guidance and motivation of their mentor and department chair, Mr. Damion Mitchell. The team members included seniors, Mickalia Grant, Abby-Gaye Gordon, and Nathanie Young; and sophomores, Shannon Thompson and Ruth-Ann Samuels. This fete once again highlights the quality of the programmes offered in the CIS Department.

The Girls in ICT Caribbean Hackathon is a Regional 1-Day event that was held at the UWI Mona Visitor’s Lodge, UWI Mona, Kingston on April 26, 2018. The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) Girls in ICT Day is held worldwide, and aims to create a global environment that encourages, educates and empowers girls and young women to pursue studies and careers in the ICT sector. The hackathon was designed to create a dynamic environment where girls can engage in direct hands-on activities, using ICT to create, innovate and generate a solution, supported by various technology tools in mobile app building, podcasting, digital music video production, animation and others.                                                                                                              


Submitted by: The Department of Computer & Information Sciences


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