Bernews April 28, 2018: Williams Wins Network Scholarship Award
Published: Monday, April 30, 2018 8:53:48 AM

Bermuda Education Network [BEN] announced that Chefanices Williams has been awarded the 2018 Bermuda Education Network Scholarship Award.

Ms. Williams will receive $6000 to continue her undergraduate studies, in Social Work, at Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Jamaica.

A graduate of the Berkeley Institute in 2017, Ms. Williams became eligible for this award through her participation in the 2015 BEN Healthcare Springboard.

Additionally, she is a graduate of the Bermuda College Nursing Assistant Program, which she was introduced to through the BEN Healthcare Springboard. She later completed her Nursing Assistant certification while in her last year at Berkeley.

Ms. Williams received the Teen Services 2017 Outstanding Teen Award for her compelling work with teens that have been traumatized by bullying.

She published her first book in 2016 entitled “A Place without Bullies” and is currently working on her second book that deals with empowerment and motivation for young people.

Ms. Williams is currently studying to become a Social Worker and hopes to come home to Bermuda after graduation to pursue a career in this field. She has a passion to help others and she feels her personal experiences will help her better connect and provide clients with what they need.

“Pain is Temporary,” Ms. Williams states when she is discussing how she gets through life’s challenges and how she hopes to motivate young people. “However, drive, passion and dedication is a constant reminder of the opportunities at the end of a closed door,” she adds.

The BEN award is given annually in honuor of Christian Thunhurst, a casualty underwriter with Platinum Underwriters and a former chairman of the Under 35s Reinsurance Association, who died suddenly in Bermuda in 2007 at the age of 34.

Mr. Thunhurst’s colleagues and friends established the award to assist Bermudian students with the costs of overseas education.

“BEN’s mission is to open up opportunities for students and teachers in government schools. We started by providing college and career guidance to teens but now focus on elementary level programs. The Scholarship Award is available to former graduates of our programs who want to pursue further education overseas.” said Tracy Astwood, BEN Program Director.

“We had a number of very exceptional candidates for the Scholarship this year. Chefanices stood out for her focus and perseverance through many obstacles and this award honors her leadership potential and desire to contribute to her community.”

BEN said they would like to thank Robert and Aurora Porter for sponsoring the award and Dianne-Mae Burgess and Margo Shane for contributing to the selection process.

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