William Knibb High School's Recruitment Fair
Published: Wednesday, November 29, 2017 4:19:46 PM

On November 17,  Northern Caribbean University’s team from their Montego Bay Regional Campus ventured to the William Knibb Memorial High School for the school’s Recruitment Fair. 

William Knibb Memorial High School located is in Falmouth, Trelawny interestingly begun before the recognized date of inception dated 1961. It is said that the school may have started in the early 1870’s and was first known as the Mrs. Knibb Boarding School run by female descendants of the famous slavery abolitionist William Knibb for whom the school is named.

Apart from its rich history, William Knibb High School is also recognized for being the former high school of triple Olympic Champion, World Champion and World Record holder Usain Bolt.

The NCU team was delighted to be apart of this activity and the students came out in their numbers and were engulfed in the day’s activities.

Leading the NCU team was Mr. Byron Malcolm, recruitment officer at the Montego Bay Regional Campus, he engaged the audience with his intriguing and informative presentation. He brought across the point of why NCU is the very best choice for tertiary education and of its conducive environment for learning.

He spoke of the many programmes offered at NCU and other important details that he knew the students would want to know.

Students were also able to gain  additional information from brochures and pamphlets that were made available at the NCU booth for  further reference. Contact cards were also provided for students who were interested in attending NCU to leave their names, contact information and their programme of interest.

It was a great day for the recruitment team and they are sure they will garner the interest of more students in the future.

Written by Samantha Holness 

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