The road to becoming an inspiration
Published: Friday, November 10, 2017 1:02:26 PM

The ladies of Northern Caribbean University came out in their numbers for Inspiration Day put on by We inspire Girls to be Strong Women on Thursday, November 9 during chapel session. They were enthralled by a riveting talk by Mrs. Cortia Bingham, Chief Executive Officer of We Inspire Women Jamaica Ltd.

Cortia Bingham grew up in Montego Bay, first living with her grandmother and then with her father and stepmother. Her father was a drug dealer and at the tender age of 14 experienced first-hand the infliction of physical abuse while attending Mount Alvernia High.  Mrs. Bingham shared her horrifying encounter as she exclaimed she was beaten for “25 days” and on the 30th day her father changed the tool of choice for beating her from a belt to a hose. But being anointed as she was, a teacher at the school, Mrs. Prudence Campbell, became aware of the problem and vouched to help her to get into Northern Caribbean University (West Indies College at the time) after her father insisted he wouldn’t pay for tuition after high school. She successfully graduated with 8 CSEC subjects and then began her journey at Northern Caribbean University. She graduated and joins other proud alumni of the great institution.

Cortia now has a number of accolades affixed to her name as she is one of the most successful Marketing, Sponsorship and Public Relations specialists in the island. Her extraordinary work has enabled her to garner the support of sponsors such as Elle &Vire, Curves, Foska Oats just to name a few and they have enabled her to bring We Inspire Jamaica Ltd to life and enable women from all spheres of life to share in her experience. She is also married and the proud mother of one child.

Cortia’s reflection of her ordeal when shared with the audience was an emotional one, because even after so many years the scars and memories still lingered as she let tears flow freely on stage to highlight her pain. But in the words of Cortia, “you can always design your destiny in faith.” She didn’t let bad memories of childhood suffocate her passion to make something great out of her life. She took it as lessons learned. She has become a voice and an exemplary figure for women who may be going through similar situations. It was truly an inspirational session and it was one for the books.

Written by Samantha Holness, Final year marketing student, College of Business and Management


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