Corporal Melvin Smith's memorial
Published: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 4:20:31 PM

On Thursday November 2, members of the police fraternity and the Mandeville community came out in their numbers to celebrate the life of Corporal Melvin Smith, a life that was cut short by the hands of criminals early Friday evening, October 27. He was fatally shot while trying to apprehend those who were involved in the robbing of  a victim who cried out for help.

Corporal Smith succumbed to his injuries at the Mandeville Regional Hospital. He was described as a man of valor and was seen as a true patriot of his cause. Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament Audley Shaw illustrated that ‘he was a symbol that other young men could emulate.’ Member of Parliament Peter Bunting, ACP in charge of Area three Clifford Chambers, and Superintendent Wayne Cameron also shared in the sentiment and described him as a ‘genuine hero.’ Corporal Smith was an astounding contributor to the Mandeville community as he was involved in restorative justice programs. He would also interact with students from different schools and uplift and help them in their holistic development.

President of Northern Caribbean University, Dr Lincoln Edwards announced that NCU will be opening an Education Fund for Corporal Smith’s 11 years old Daughter Rihanna Smith, who attends Hampton High School will be able to pursue her tertiary education in the near future.

 The Corporal’s death is the 39th murder in the parish and he leaves behind a family, friends, colleagues and a legacy that one can aspire to follow. He was a true beacon, a light that will be missed.  

(story written by Samantha Holness, final year marketing student)

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