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NCU Media Group tackles NCDs through island-wide Wellness Campaign
Published: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 8:38:41 AM

NCU Media Group, is using its annual 14 in 14 island-wide Education & Wellness Campaign as a creative means to generate awareness about combating Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) in Jamaica.

The campaign which promotes healthy lifestyle choices, ran from July 3 – 7 and 10 and 11.

The initiative, now in its fourth staging, featured 14 roadshows in major cities within the island’s 14 parishes over a seven-day period.  It incorporated entertaining exercise routines, onsite preparation of healthy meal alternatives and a wealth of information to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

“For us at NCU 91 FM, it’s not just a strategy it’s a lifestyle and we believe that it is our responsibility as a media house to educate our people and direct them to wholesome living.  

“Also, we are the first media house which has a deliberate campaign geared towards leading Jamaica towards a healthier lifestyle,” Marketing Manager for the NCU Group, Mrs Keisha Thomas said.

The 14 in 14 Wellness campaign is in alignment with the Ministry of Health's national thrust to promote healthier lifestyle choices among Jamaicans.  As such, the initiative has since received endorsement from Health Minister, Dr Christopher Tufton.

“We continue to urge our fellow Jamaicans to join us in making the lifestyle change for the sake of our future families and ultimately for the health of our nation,” Dr Tufton said.

NCDs, dubbed the 'silent killer', are a result of poor lifestyle practices, such as insufficient physical activities and unhealthy diets.  Some of the most common forms of NCDs include diabetes, chronic lung disease, cancers, stroke, diabetes, obesity and chronic respiratory diseases such as asthma.

According to The World Health Organization, NCDs cause more than 60 per cent of deaths in the region, and are the leading cause of premature deaths in low and middle-income countries such as Jamaica.


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