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What else can I do with a degree in customs?
Published: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 4:29:15 PM

Dear Career Advisor:

I saw one of your columns in the
Jamaica Observer and I believe you provide well-needed assistance to those who have concerns regarding career choices. I would like your assistance as well. I am a third-year student at one of our local colleges pursuing a bachelor of science degree in customs processes, freight forwarding and immigration. My major is in customs processes and minor in logistics. I have strong faith in landing a job in the field, but what other fields locally or internationally could I enter?


Please advise.


Dear Owen:

It is very heartening to know that young people, like yourself, are giving serious consideration to your career journey and are willing to explore potential career options.

We concur with you that you are very likely to land a job in your field of study based on current market trends and the strategic positioning of our country to increase capacity in that sector. In addition to the potential opportunities for direct employment in the field, you will find that there are many other sectors to which the knowledge, skills and competencies you will develop and enhance through your study can be applied.
Your ability to articulate those capabilities and demonstrate an understanding of their applicability to the desired job will be essential. Some of those areas might include but are not limited to:

• Distribution management

• Warehouse management

• Consultancy eg: to law firms on matters of trade and policy

• Ground transportation sector

• Private businesses, eg: trading and manufacturing

• College or training school instructor

• Entrepreneurship or freelancing

• Call centres

• Administration

Lastly, to enhance your marketability for international opportunities I would suggest that you develop a level of oral and written proficiency in at least two other languages.


All the best.
Career Advisor

Carolyn Marie Smith is associate vice-president of student services at Northern Caribbean University in Mandeville, Manchester. Submit your questions to her at

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