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One, Two, Three: NCU Tops National Business Model Competition
Published: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 3:45:47 PM

Standing L-R: Executive Director of NCU's Morris Entrepreneurship Centre Hazel O'Connor, Team Sotare (Yanque Yip, Rushane Dryden Orlando Hamilton, Moses Miller) NCU President, Dr Lincoln Edwards, Team GenesisWay (Oshina Brown, Dionne Brown, Leah Charles).Seated L -R: Team Natsima Nutruceuticals (Lancelot Riley, Fiona Bowley, Oshane Solomon, Shanea Wint) and Dr Aston Miller, Natsima Nutruceuticals' team adviser.

NCU, Mandeville, Jamaica - One, two, three; was the order of placement for Northern Caribbean University (NCU), at the fourth staging of the National Business Model Competition put on by the Development Bank of Jamaica. The competition, which was held last Friday at the Knutsford Court Hotel, had four NCU teams, trained by the Morris Entrepreneurship Centre, entering the competition. Of the four teams, three of them advanced to the finals, which saw NCU as champions for the fourth consecutive time.


Natsima Nutraceuticals won the competition with a natural treatment for sinusitis which can also be used to prevent asthma attacks. The team developed this remarkable formula from Ginger, Guinea Hen Weed and Garlic, and it is intended to be used along with a vaporizer.


Second place went to GenisisWay who developed Ackee Butter from Jamaica’s national fruit. Ackee Butter is not only tasty and affordable, it is also an excellent source of natural and healthy unsaturated fats, making it a suitable alternative to other butters. Ackee Butter can be enjoyed by vegans, the health conscious and individuals with food allergies as it is cholesterol free, non-dairy and nut free.


SOTARE placed third, having developed a system that produces root tubers such as yam and sweet potato that is cost-effective and efficient through the use of hydroponics as the nutrient source instead of soil. The aim is to enhance the growth rate, quality and quantity of these root tubers. This will in turn increase the productive output of farmers.


NCU’s President, Dr Lincoln Edwards was present and gave remarks on behalf of NCU. He commended all the competitors for having taken up the challenge to enter a competition of such magnitude and said that he was excited for the future of Jamaica where entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity is concerned.


Natsima Nutraceuticals will go on to represent Jamaica in May in Silicon Valley California for the global championships. 

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