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International Lyceum 2017
Published: Monday, March 20, 2017 4:20:37 PM

International pianist, Nerva Altino during his recent performance at Northern Caribbean University. 

International Lyceum 2017, provided musical therapy for Northern Caribbean University (NCU) staff, students and music lovers in Mandeville and surrounding areas.

The night of sheer elegance and enchantment was organized by NCU’s Department of Music and Fine Arts.

The music was complemented by the beautiful acoustics of the university’s Main Auditorium in Mandeville.

Guest Performer, International Pianist Nerva Altino, captivated the attention of the audience with the delicate yet urgent highs and lows of every note he played.   He was also shared a performance with his mentor and conductor/accompanist and Chair of the Department of Music and Fine Arts.

“It was a reunion because he and I used to play together in college. He used to encourage me to work hard, so I was prepared for this and I’m grateful for his grilling and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. It’s my first time playing with him since the 1990s and it was an absolute pleasure.”  International Pianist Nerva Altino.

The NCU choirs also performed during the programme.

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