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President’s Convocation 2017
Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 3:29:01 PM

 University President, Dr Lincoln Edwards passionately addressing faculty, staff and students at President’s convocation 2017

Inspired and ready to fulfill the mission.  That’s the resolve of faculty, staff and students of Northern Caribbean University following a motivational address by University President, Dr Lincoln Edwards.  He was speaking during President’s Convocation on February 13.

 The convocation ceremony, which is held each school year, is geared towards familiarizing students with the University Administration, faculty and staff.

 Citing his own life as an example, Dr Edwards urged students to pray while working earnestly amidst the many challenges they face, as through prayer all things are achievable.  He added that NCU is the perfect place to mold young lives, “NCU serves to prepare you [students] to function effectively in an unpredictable world.”

 Dr Edwards went on to say the university is poised for greatness while mentioning some of the plans for the institution.  These include the building of additional student housing, implementation of solar and wind energy and the revamping and re-opening of several University industries to boost student employment.

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