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Worker and Student Consecration Service
Published: Monday, January 30, 2017 5:02:13 PM

Pastor Dr. Merrick Walker delivered the word at the Worker and Student Consecration Service

 “A university that stands must rely on the reliability of God.” That was the charge to the students and staff of the Northern Caribbean University during its Spring 2017 consecrated Service.


Divine Worship Speaker Pastor Dr. Merrick Walker, went on to say that, "consecration is not a service, but servitude to God."   He also urged both students and workers alike to go forth this year with the assurance, reliance and compliance with God and to know that all other things will follow.


The annual service, which is part of the university's continued thrust in petitioning the coverage and guidance of the Lord in its undertaking was held on NCU'S main campus in Mandeville Manchester.


"The lord declares that he is in our midst. He stated that NCU must understand that it has come a far way by faith and that the challenges ahead are many but this institution is of Gods planting and ‘she’ shall conquer. We can rest assured in God that this will be so." Dr. Merrick Walker.

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