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People Will Remember Us by the Art We Create - Wayne Chen
Published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016 11:48:44 AM

These individuals stop to appreciate a piece of art during the recent Art Exhibit held as part of the NCU 2016 Homecoming celebrations.

Businessman and Chairman of the Southern Regional Health Authority, Wayne Chen, has encouraged Jamaican artists to maintain their creativity and hope despite the challenges they face as there is great potential to be found in the art industry. Mr Chen was speaking as the Guest Speaker at the Visual Art Exhibit, held recently as part of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU) 2016 Homecoming  celebration.

In his address Mr Chen said, “People will remember us by our creativeness. They are going to remember us by the work we do. They are going to remember us by every piece of art that we created.”

He also spoke of Northern Caribbean University’s reputation in Visual Arts, “NCU has already created its reputation in terms of craftsmen…I believe that this institution in its own uniqueness can add a unique voice in the Art Industry,” he said.

He said that the day to day life of an artist, trying to sell his works of art, was  often a struggle.

 “There is great artistic potential. There is a body of artists, but they struggle because we are not buying the art and we are not paying the prices that we ought to pay. Jamaican artists are very cheap but if you go to anywhere else in the Caribbean whether to Cayman or Bahamas you pay in US dollars. So, Jamaican art from that perspective is good for the purchaser but it is hard on the producer.”

He encouraged artists and potential artists  present at the exhibit to keep striving.

“Those of you who are artists in the audience don’t give up, keep hope, keep being creative. Potential artists (I count myself among that lot at this late stage of life), don’t give up.”

 “We have the opportunity and responsibility to encourage our visual artists to create that lasting memory, that lasting reminder, that lasting legacy for our country and our people,” said Mr Chen.

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