Photographic Highlights of Symposium at NCU
Published: Wednesday, June 20, 2012 3:14:22 PM

Dr. Trevor Gardner outlined in his address to the Business, Civic and Community leaders, faculty, staff and students of Northern Caribbean University (NCU) that transformation is coming to Mandeville. Northern Caribbean University held its Leaders’ Symposium for Business, Civic and Community residents of Mandeville on Wednesday June 20th, 2012 in their main auditorium. Dr. Gardner began his opening address with a scriptural context drawn from Numbers 13 vs. 31-“drawing strength and essence from the minority report”. He recounted that he fell love with the town of Mandeville while studying at the Northern Caribbean University many years ago. “Mandeville is a distinguished town; it seeks to bring persons from all heritages. It has a calmness and peace.” Please see a photographic highlight of the event. 

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Dr. Trevor Gardner (left) speaks with Hon. Peter Bunting (centre) Minister of National Security and Member of Parliament of Central Manchester and Dr. Byron Robinson, Philanthropist at the Symposium 

To view more pictures click here

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