Photographic Highlights of Alumni Breakfast and Business Meeting
Published: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 4:50:22 PM

A section of the Alumni pledge - we hereby pledge our loyalty to Northern Caribbean University (NCU) our Alma Mater, and the high Christian ideal upon which she was established. We further pledge to nurture, support, and give generously of our professional expertise in helping her to achieve in society and improve the standards of living for all. Here is a photographic highlight of the Annual Breakfast and Business Meeting:

. alum bfast 2.jpg
An overview of the NCU Main Auditorium transformed into a dining area for the Alumni Homecoming breakfast 

. alum bfast 8.jpg
Alumni having a candid conversation with NCU Interim President Dr. Daniel Fider (centre) 

. alum bfast 9.jpg
A group of alumni have a light conversation prior to them having breakfast 

. alum bfast 7.jpg 
A current NCU staff member sharing some information with an Alumnus 

. alum bfast 6.jpg
Alumni getting served at the Homecoming annual Breakfast and Business meeting 

. alum bfast 4.jpg
A happy moment being celebrated by these two alumni 

. alum bfast 3.jpg
Mr. Charles Evans, Associate Director at NCU Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations serenading the audience 

. alum bfast 10.jpg
These two Alumni didn't allow the song to go to waste - as they waltzed together 

. alum bfast 5.jpg
Two Alumni, Mrs. Zenovia Davis, and Ms. Hazel Barrow, conversing during breakfast 

. alum bfast 1.jpg
NCU Associate vice president of University Relations and member of the Class of 1986, Mr. Patrick George Smith, (left) sharing the stage with President of the Federation of NCU Alumni Association of North America, Mr. Vilroy McBean (right) and S. Peter Campbell II

. alum bfast 0.jpg
Chair of the NCU computer and Information Sciences department, Kenrie Hylton shared a 'Imagine cup Champions portfolio' with Dr. Byron Robinson 

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