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Bring Technology to the Classroom - NCU MI
Published: Friday, August 28, 2015 10:50:40 AM

The internet must be brought into the classroom, that’s the view of retired principal of Camperdown High School, Cynthia Cooke. Mrs. Cooke said that teachers have to use creative ways to reach students. “Bring the internet into your classrooms, you can’t have the excuse I had, we didn’t have that, but it is there, bring it in there. Most classrooms are now giving that opportunity, it just means that you have to prepare a little more.”

The NCU Mathematics Institute of Northern Caribbean University has completed another three workshops in major towns of Jamaica. The workshop which commenced in 2014, aim to train in service teachers to use creative methods to teach mathematics to students in primary and secondary schools.

Mrs. Cooke also said that teachers are to appreciate students that have different learning styles and abilities. She was speaking at the NCU Math Institute Workshop at the East Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston on July 14. The Institute was planned to assist teachers to increase their performance in teaching mathematics in primary and secondary schools.

The Mathematics Institute took place in Montego Bay on July 7-9 and in Kingston on July 14-16 and ended in Mandeville July 21-23.
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