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TACSU Equips Participants to enhance their capabilities, capacity and competencies
Published: Monday, January 4, 2010 5:21:28 PM

From his beginning, man has been in a constant state of change – from babyhood, to childhood, and on to adulthood – constant change.  While there are those who fear change, there are those who are brave enough to embrace it. Everyday people challenge themselves to conquer their fears, surpass their limits, and enhance their lives. These people see their challenges as mere stepping-stones; they know that opportunities  will allow for personal growth and development.


Too often, the accomplishments of these individuals who embrace change are not met with celebration, adoration, and encouragement. Recently, the University awarded 17 participants for the successful completion of short-courses in Conversational French and Public Speaking. The short-courses were offered by the Northern Caribbean University’s Training and Consultancy Services Unit, a non-academic department that provides training and consultancy services for individuals, organizations, and companies as well as University faculty and staff.


Geraldine Pinnock (third from right), Director of the Training and Consultancy Services Unit (TACSU), Northern Caribbean University (NCU) and Desrine Bogle (third from left), Assistant Professor of the English and Modern Languages, NCU, smile while participants from the Conversational French Programme proudly display their Certificates of Participation.


The atmosphere at the presentation was permeated with joy and triumph. One participant who conquered her fear of public speaking said, “this course has helped me to be more confident in my job.  I was able to use the skills learnt in the first session the very next day at work.  Individuals have started to ask me where I received my training.” Another participant, who dared to challenge himself to learn the intricacies of French, has decided to further his studies of the ‘language of love’ citing the delivery of the French programme’s “excellent facilitator.”


Geraldine Pinnock, Director of TACSU shares the observation that, “there are many individuals who, while not wishing to pursue an academic degree, want to enhance their personal development and workplace skills.  Some individuals have reached a stage at which they want to do courses simply for personal satisfaction.”  She says that TACSU recognizes that the professional development of the workforce at all levels is necessary for individuals and businesses to adapt to the rapidly and constantly changing market environment. “Updating skills and learning new techniques allow the workforce to acquire the competencies necessary to work effectively, efficiently, and creatively in various fields of business,” said Pinnock.   

TACSU has been established to deliver relevant tailor-made training, assessment, and support with programmes designed to help individuals achieve their personal and corporate goals. Short courses, workshops, and seminars are offered from various disciplines. Participants can engage in a wide range of courses, from Food Handlers Course, PC Repairs, Public Speaking, Web Design, to Intercultural Communications – Protocol and Etiquette, Team Building, Events Planning, Supervisory Management, Customer Relations Skills, Vegetarian Cooking and even Floral Design.

From the beginning, man has been in a constant state of change and TACSU is proud to have facilitated these participants in enhancing their capabilities, capacity and competencies in a constantly changing market environment.  Opportunities exist for those who wish to embrace change, to challenge themselves to learn new skills, to widen their horizons – all through the training opportunities offered by NCU’s  TACSU.  

Article by Ant'wayne Stewart

Photo by Orville Morgan


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