As a Caribbean interest, the Department of Communication Studies (DCS) is committed to the development of Caribbean creativity and intellect and the promotion of activities demonstrating this. As a tertiary learning institution, it is incumbent upon DCS, through NCU to engender an environment facilitating this effort; therefore, DCS will be hosting the
Lignum Vitae Film Festival 2013™.

Interested parties are invited to submit videos fitting one of the categories below.

Category of Videos 
Works should fit in one of the following categories: Short Film, Silent Film, Animation.

Short Films: a short film is defined by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as an original motion picture that has a running time of 40 minutes or less, including all credits. For purposes of this competition, entries in this category should be no more than 10 minutes, including all credits. 

Silent Films: for purposes of this Festival, silent films are defined as a motion picture less than 5 minutes, with no spoken dialogue. Natural sounds and background music are allowed. 

Animations: may include, but not limited to Japanese mangas, 2D and 3D images, puppets and drawings; however, the sequence of movements, must be absent of human actors and be no more than 10 minutes in length. 

Definitions have been adjusted for purposes of the Lignum Vitae Film Festival™ 
All times given include opening sequence and final credits. 

The Ethos 
Films need to reflect a positive aspect of the peoples of the Caribbean and should be free from profane language or gestures. Immorality, anti-religious (anti-Christian, Islamic, Semetic, Hindu or other religions) sentiments or demonic undertones will lead to the disqualification of the submission.

The Lignum Vitae Film Festival™ is open to all students of secondary and tertiary institutions within the Caribbean. Films should reflect the theme while promoting positive aspects of the region. 

1. All videos must be sent, at the expense of the participants, and received by the Department of Communication Studies by 5pm Thursday, March 28, 2013.
Mail Entries to:
DCS Communication Symposium Committee
Department of Communication Studies
Northern Caribbean University
Manchester Road, Mandeville
Manchester, Jamaica, WI


Upload using an online file sharing site such as SendSpace or YouSendIt. The onus is on the participants to adhere to the rules of the chosen site. 

2. Videos must be in English or if in a foreign language, have English subtitles. 

3. Each entry must be accompanied by the name of the institution, names, telephone numbers and email addresses of the screenwriter, director and category film is being entered in. The title of the photograph used as inspiration must also be submitted along with a script and description of the movie (no more than 200 words). 

4. Each mailed entry must be submitted on a labelled DVD. 

5. A submission is not a guaranteed right to screening. The Department of Communication Studies reserves the right to choose which films are shown at the Festival.

6. Awards issued will be: 

Best Overall Picture 
Best Director
Best Use of Graphics/Animation

Best Actress 
Best Actor 

Videos will not be returned. 
Further information can be obtained by calling Elaine Oxamendi Vicet (876-963-7446), Chair, Department of Communication Studies or Tameka Wilson, Research Assistant at 876-963-7810 or by emailing or

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